Story of Rentomojo

Went hassle free with this and made the process simpler

5 Gifts
10 Days
Growing Happy Customers

Converting into an experience


Rentomojo leads a market where competition is fierce, and only getting fiercer by the minute!

And one can only survive by providing best service and taking care of clients. Team Rentomojo wanted to extend verbal goodwill from support team to something more personal, and tried sending out gifts on their own.


The process is so simple and streamlined that a gift is delivered to specific clients in just a few clicks.

  • Love from clients
  • Important resources saved from labor work
  • Branding activity
  • Time and money saved
  • Client delight plans turned into reality


While sending out gifts was a fascinating idea, the amount of time and resources every single delivery consumed was expensive, unmanageable, and exhausting.

Naturally, the process started many a times because it yielded results, but was dropped equal number of times because giving dedicated resource to this activity was not the optimum solution, and otherwise managing operations was resource consuming.


A product specific to Rentomojo’s use-case, and relevant to their client-base was customised with their branding. And since DelightPI provide store with us and deliver-when-you-want feature, the only task remained for Rentomojo team is to trigger delivery.


"Our customer just loved the gifts. They explicitly mentioned and thanked us for the product, the delightful packaging and our hand written note to them."

"DelightPI team is ever helpful, has a streamlined process, simple tool to trigger deliveries. They really are converting some of our client delight plans into reality."

Nishtha Kaushik
Brand manager @ Rentomojo